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Yes, I realize that every one and their brother loves Zooey. Still like her, even though it’s kinda cliche now. I’m really excited for their new album that’s coming out next week. The end. -Hope Advertisements



Just a quick post about three of my favorite etsy designers. chainchainchained : I absolutely love Regina’s metal jewelry. So beautiful. Her blog A Chain of Events is linked on my blog roll. RachelleD : Rachelle’s mixture of beads, chains, and handmade floral pieces are stunning. clearcutcrafts2007 : Handmade paper butterflies! As featured in Martha […]

I decided to try p90x ( you know, the infomercials by Beach Body) after hearing from several friends that the program actually works. I have a membership to the YMCA, and I do go sometimes to muscle conditioning classes or to do a stint on the elliptical machine. But most of the time, I choose […]

Since it’s first sweep of popularity, I’ve tried to fuel an interest in the AMC hit drama Mad Men. It’s already won nine Emmy’s after only two complete seasons. Several of my friends are die-hard fans of the show, and I remember a friend at work this summer counting down the days to the series […]