I want change.


There are so many things I want to change about myself and my environment. I am constantly thinking of new ideas and hoping to start projects. Luckily, I have really stuck with my craftiness of late…I’m working on a wedding present for a friend of mine.

I quit my vegetarian efforts on day 10. I don’t think it’s actually healthier to stop eating meat but continue eating lots of dairy (mainly, cheese). I mean, what else is there? It was too difficult to stick with it, especially since I was substituting chicken for Taco Bell cheese quesadillas. I couldn’t actually maintain a healthy vegetarian diet.

I’ve been trying so desparately to be healthy lately, dragging myself to muscle conditioning at the Y, not eating meat, etc., and I still feel so unhealthy. What is the remedy? I’m only 22. I should be at the best physical condition of my life.

I think my problem is that I want change so badly, but I struggle with how to accomplish that change. I’m working every day to really figure out what I’m doing and why. I really miss writing. I didn’t realize how much until recently…all those paper-writing all-nighters in college burned me out for a while. I couldn’t really produce anything creative, but I’m suddenly feeling able to start writing seriously again. I feel like I’m rambling.

Inspiration of the day:

I am so unbelievably excited about this movie. The first time I watched the trailer, I almost cried…




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